About the restaurant



In the 80th the house was opened for the first time under the name Restaurante Las Norias. In the beginning of 2010 we took over the house, today the main focuses of the restaurant are a Mediterranean kitchen as well as fish and meat from the barbeque. Quintessential points of our kitchen are balance, the application of fresh products and the strong presence of fresh vegetables and herbs.

Capacity and equipment

IMG_0484Not only the culinary main focuses and high-class claims were strongly changed. Also all rooms were renovated and formed anew to offer the biggest cosiness to the guests.

Thanks to the mild temperatures almost all year around and due to the good location of the place Las Norias the guests can enjoy the beautiful semitropical terrace and watch the sunset over the Atlantic.

The inside area is redecorated and now offers a comfortable space in warm tones of the walls, dark massive wood pieces of furniture, many plants and chilly background music.

IMG_0468In addition to both of these areas, the restaurant offers two more areas (an second outside terrace with sea view and a second internal exhibition area), which you can book for groups to celebrate, for example birthdays or weddings. For these events, we provide you a special menu according to all of your wishes with pleasure.



We have also established our philosophy in the kitchen with the takeover of the restaurant. We work almost exclusively with fresh products. The vegetables, fish and meat come from the region as much as possible. Our dishes, additions and sauces are prepared „a la minute“. For this we only use our homemade broth without any use of artificial flavouring materials or taste amplifiers. Our desserts are also homemade and contain no chemical additions. For example, for our Panna Cotta we use the herbal binding agent Agar Agar instead of gelatine.

IMG_0396Special day offers complement the permanent menu, especially the daily fresh fish from the barbeque or the «Plancha».

Guests always will enjoy a variety of the tapas. Due to its creativity, the restaurant has repeatedly been voted for one of the first places in the well-known Aridane Valley tapas competition, the «Ruta del Gallo».

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