Our permanent exhibition shows driftwood objects by the artist Jasmine Dahlmann. Unique small and big pieces of art occur after desalination, drying, cleaning, sanding and polishing. From candlesticks and vases to picture frames and lamps till pieces for decoration – all originals from driftwood finds. Every Sunday the artist is available for a personal consultation.

All pieces can be acquired directly in the restaurant.


Public library


Our public library presents several hundreds of crime thrillers and novels, especially in German and Dutch.

Against a deposit of 20 Euros (which you will get back by returning the book) you can stock up with plenty of new books. You can keep the books as long as you need and borrow as many books as you can carry.




Every monday from 8 pm Carlos plays Spanish, Palmeric and international songs on his wonderful harp. The guests are welcome to ask for their favourite songs or for information about the recently played music. The musician plays alternately in the patio and in the inside area, so all guests can enjoy the atmospheric harp music.

At the moment is due the current corona situation no musical program.

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